Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just so you know..

HCo owns my life. I'm having a lot of fun with this job. Yes, it's retail, but it's so much more than that. I'm managing people, and learning how to run a business. I love the people, and laugh at the politics with the fine company of Abercrombie & Fitch. Recruiting is going to be my main job. We all know I can handle that. Any of you guys know great looking aspirational energetic people who can come rep our brand and/or has a college degree? Send em my way! :) lol

Anyways.. I'm still adjusting to working over 40 hours a week, trying to keep my health up to par, and my social life going. All in all..I'm gettin it done and learning a lot along the way.

I'm done with blogging for now.. hope all is well. PEACE.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok so! On Monday, February 23 I'm starting the 3 month MIT program at Hollister. Working full time is actually really exciting to me, because I can put all my time and energy into that and not worry about other petty bs. I will miss my girls, though. I'll have some nights free. I can kiss Friday nights goodbye for the next three months. So, from now on, if my crew wants to see me it's going to have to be a Saturday night. Fab, I can do that. I worked out a budget and things are looking good. I will tell you one thing, it brought me to tears as I was putting it together, like what I have to pay each month for this and that, I realized again that when my daddy passed away he set it up so all three new cars are paid off. So while other young professionals my age are paying close to $400/month for their cars, I'm SO blessed to have my daddy looking out for me even while he's in heaven.

My frickin goodness, I was so busy today. I had three dr's appts, which added up to literally $95 in co-payments. Oy Vey baby! It was time well spent, because I got everything taken care of. I love my primary care dr. There's a joke in my family that he has a crush on me and treats me better then the rest of them, but AHHH hahaha that's not true! Good ole' Rajiv. I'm trying to help my friend Z get a job. He just finished his time spent with the Marine Corps. He went to my high school, and actually lost his father a few years before I lost mine. My heart goes out to him for a lot of reasons. I have a lot of respect for him. I know the county's are having hiring freezes right now, so I'm trying to hook him up with my mom and sister, and possibly one other lead.
Later tonight I met a girlfriend from high school for dinner. She lost her mother to bladder cancer in 2005. She actually reached out to me when my dad passed away but I just couldn't get things together enough to meet up with her then. We ate dinner at this Peruvian restaurant called Aroma! Mmm. Ahi Tuna Cebache? Is that what you call it? It was the tuna with avocados and lime juice.. Anyway, the flavors were really great together. Best of all, Tuesday night is 1/2 bottle of wine night! Cab Sauv is my new favorite.. Sarah would know all about that...

Alright well now it's chill time.. I'm going to patiently await the arrival of my blackberry tomorrow and do a little cleaning.. Can't wait til Friday.. Heather's goin out.. and that's my GIRL! Basically it's the "get the married couple outta the house/caps game boys night out/girls night combo/Julia's last full FREE weekend to partyyyy/BIG RICH IS OFF WORK!" huge ass bashhhh. If Jody knows what's good for her, she'll come out, too. Gahh I love those party animals.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real Quick!

What a good day; busy is how I like it! I don't have a lot of time, so...

I figured out I can run lack of energy has been kickin my butt.
This weather is awesome, but egh it's going to get cold again.
BIG THINGS are about to happen and I can't tell you what it is.
Mo offered me my job back at Dr. Eph's. Stellar. For the time being.
I can't get mad over things that are clearly not in my control.
Big Things, I tell you. :)
Memory lane is making its way to the present. Good or bad? We'll see! <3

back to dishes/laundry before I get sushi with my KD!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm at War ... just kidding

So here are some of my girls. Jen and Lauren. Jen recently moved down here from Connecticut. She's the one who recruited me. Lauren, I've known since we were 12. I literally tell the "pool story" every time I'm out with her. Even though I've lived in this area my whole life, I didn't start going to a public school til 7th grade. I always hung out at the pool, so the summer before 7th grade I decided to make myself some friends. So I swam over to Lauren and said, "hi, what's your name?" She looks me up and down and says, "WHO WANTS TA KNOW?!" ... I was like, "uh, um, hmm, well u see, I'm gonna be starting at Farquhar, and I just wanna make friends.." Hahahahaha. We actually became best friends after that. Friday night was definitely interesting to say the least. Long story short, it was a high school reunion. It was great to see everyone. The one person I was meaning to meet at Sasso ended up being a total idiot. I'm going to take Trey's advice and "stay away from guys who rock stunnaz inside at midnight." Oh and by the way, who does he think he is, Ludacris?! OMG, I'm dying laughing over here. Anyways, thank God I can hold my own and had myself a good time with my other friends. I find it to be incredibly sad that a guy who comes from a respectful family, with parents who are still married, knows what it means to have family values, still LACKS common courtesy/decency. It's those ahem-douchebags, who give all the other guys a bad name. It was funny, apparently as I was walking in, Ben was walking out.. we totally missed each other. I'm so happy Ben and I are somewhat "friends" again. It's nice, because it's shown me that I really have changed. I saw Victor and his mom today, too.. I'm making cupcakes for them tomorrow. I was thinking earlier.. I have awesome friends. Granted, they are everywhere; not all in one place. If I could take my Liberty girls and put them up here, that would be HEAVEN on earth, omggg. Speaking of Liberty girls, I need to hear how my lil Hannah baby's 21st bday bash went. I wish I coulda been there. <3

I know it's only Monday, but I cannot wait for Valentine's Day!! Katie and I, or maybe just Katie? haha-- had this great idea to have a girls dinner where we all dress to impress. She's making red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and raspberry champagne, among other things.. Girl, you're fabulous.. I'm still workin on our music selection. Would you believe I'm still craving sushi. Gahhhh.

And, I'm at War is a song by Sean Kingston ft. Lil Wayne.. it's bueno. Sleep Sweet everybody!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Dayyy turns into Good Nightttt

Last Friday when my girlfriends and I went out I got "recruited" for Hollister! "Omggg, you'd be perfect!" What an ego boost. I had my interview today, and it turns out the District Manager is from Roanoke, VA and actually knew what LU is. That's funny. I hope I get it. Their MIT program sounds great and the girls I know that work there are sweet.

I then had lunch with my sisters. It's cool to reminisce with them about our dad. We were remembering the times we had spats with him and how funny it is now looking back. One thing he was notorious for was finding "illegal" music in the car and yelling at us and grounding us for it. Oh yeah, did I mention is totally confiscated the tapes and cd's he found? Wow, those were the days. I would kill to go back and have a screaming match with him now. I remember the time he drove me back to LU and we yelled at each other the whole way down there. He dropped me off, we said a half ass goodbye, and I took a nap. I woke up an hour later and called him for dinner thinkin he was in the hotel down the road. I'll never forget the tone of his voice. "Dad what do you want for dinner?" ... "I'm on 29 N" Grrrrrr. hahaha He straight LEFT MY ASS at school without even telling me! Ahh.. crazy Shelton tempers. That is so something I would do.

I've just been chillin here. I saw Taken last night, and Oh. My. Gosh. GO SEE IT! That stuff actually happens today/now! I wanna go see it again. There are several movies I need to see. Right now, though, I'm going to NOVA with Lauren to eat some Korean food before we hit up Bethesda! Sasso is my new favorite spot! I get to recruit with Jen for Hco. Awesome. I have no problem walking up to attractive people and talking to them.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Running Around Crazy!

The last two days have been pretty great, actually. The other night I sent my cousin Sasha a text message freaking out about my life, telling her I needed to see her as soon as she had time. I know, a little dramatic, but it's the only way I can get her attention. Funny, that's usually about the only way you can get one of the younger Shelton cousin's attention. I'm referring to Sasha, Jacqui, Karina, and myself. There's just something about the time I spend with my cousins and the things we talk about that make me proud and just feel better. One thing's for sure, we are known for telling it like it is. You know that comment everyone is thinking, but won't say? Yeah, we say it.

I met up with Sash yesterday at the Original Pancake House.. sorry, but IHOP doesn't hold a candle to this place. We ate so much.. she indulged in pumpkin pancakes that didn't actually taste like pumpkin--funny how that works..yet she crushed them, and I ordered blueberry pancakes. So I spilled my life to her, as I usually do. I can seriously tell her anything and for some reason she gets all the juicy details outta me. She never judges me and she has the life experience to give me sound advice that I actually feel ten times better on the drive home. I mean, I don't know what it is, but lately, when it come to relationships and men, I've just made the poorest decisions. Ask me at a later date what it means to be love drunk and I'd be happy to tell you. Oh yeah, I will say, however, never start dating a guy who is the carbon copy of your ex boyfriend. It's Ben all over again. But the good parts. I realize I like guys who like cars, or in this case his truck, his bike, good music with good beats, loves to spend time with family, loves Family Guy--yeah, really, likes to be lazy, but knows how to go out and have fun, can dress well, pays for me whenever we go out, has ambition for his life, sets attainable career goals, goes after what he wants, and the list goes on. I mean his mother is even Jewish! I love me some Jewish mothers.. Honestly, if I were to meet an attractive, successful Messianic Jewish man I would dieeeee. Let's date, court, swoon, take dance lessons, get engaged, whatever, just GET IN MY LIFE! I'm totally exaggerating...and ew! I sound desperate haha. A part of me just wants to be like PEACE OUT BOYS IM TIREDDD OF U. I just want to have fun with my girls. Bahh. I might change my mind tomorrow. I like that there is nothing holding me down at the moment.

I then went to dinner with Seye at Houston's, one of my favorite restuarants ever! It used to be one of Ben and I's places. Thank God everywhere is free range, now. Seye is one of my friends I've known since elementary school. He's probably one of the best dressed friends I have and he's actually a legit nice guy. But not one of those pansy nice guys who never gets what he wants and gets walked all over. He gets it DONE! :-) Hopefully I'll be meeting up with him and some others tomorrow night! He's possibly looking to attend grad school in Miami.. and um, be my guest, Seye! I will be more than happy to come visit. One thing that always makes me laugh.. he LIVES in Baltimore, WORKS in Arlington, is it? and goes OUT in DC and Bethesda..such a mess, I love it.

Today, I picked up my fabulous friend Theresa. She was literally my second friend at Liberty. She became one of my best friends fast. She's been in DC for a while doing her internship and then she also just finished up a semester working for the DOE. She is the most hard working women I have ever known, and so motivating. She is going to live with her parents for a few months in Seattle to take a much needed break. I may be going out there to visit her, so that should be fab. Theresa plays the hard working businesswoman who has little time for play, but I can't wait until she gets back out here so we can go out and she can 'let her hair down' and meet some men that are ACTUALLY worthy of her time. She's a pastry chef, she has long black hair, she's beautiful and curvy... GAH ok, I need to stop, this is not a personal ad for my best friend! Plus, she'd kill me if she were to come across this.

Finally, I went over to Katie's for some much needed chill time. I love going to her house to just chill on the couch. We eat way too much veggies and salsa, and always have at least one glass of wine, (looooove that!) but I love spending time with her, because she seriously knows everything.. about.. everything! Katie, I know you're reading this like, OMG SHUT UP! haha. Don't forget, next time I see you, we're TAKING PICTURES!

Tomorrow, it's chillin in Glen Burnie with my oldest sis, and then taking the Gremlin to my house for a sleepover while I, myself have a night out in Bethesda. <3

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Beginnings!

Proof someone's not worthy of your time, effort, and friendship is finding out they have a problem with you through reading their blog. For the second time, now, too! Weak, I know. Anyways, now that my point has been made, I can successfully move on.

This past weekend I went to a wedding in Norfolk, Va. It was a lot of fun! I cried a bunch, danced, ate chocolate covered strawberries, drank champagne, and spent a ridiculous amount of time in the car for one day. Congratulations Justin and Dianna! You two are a beautiful couple.

January 24, 2009

TBeem and I with the fabulous bride!

My amazing date

I can't wait to see everyone again.. until then.. love u all!